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Top Ten Reasons to Hire an Architect

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Top Ten Reasons to Hire an Architect

Architecture provides structure to our lives.  It gives form to the places where we live, work and play. Architects design lasting, people-centered spaces that demonstrate what people need to thrive. From intricate historical restorative projects to high-rise programming and design, architects aspire to design buildings that enrich the lives of our people and enhance their futures.

Read our top 10 reasons to hire an architect – the right architect.
10. Architects are usually required by Law (for commercial building design and supervision.)
  • Codes and standards.
  • Life safety.
  • Accessibility for the disabled.
9.  Architects understand and address the BIG PICTURE.
  • “Like a conductor of an orchestra.”
  • Capture the vision.
  • Advocate for the project to reach its full potential.
8.  Architects clarify your real building needs.
  • Consideration and review of needs.
  • Carefully coming to know the owner’s needs and processes.
  • Systematic programming. 
7.  Architects show you your facility BEFORE it is built.
  • Design visualizations.
  • Communicate the vision through 3-d computer models.
  • Partner with Owners in design to gain active feedback. 
6.  Architects know how to build.
  • Technical expertise in assembly and construction.
  • Air and water tightness.
  • Construction experience.
5.  Architects CAN save you money.
  • “Strike a balance of budget and desires.”
  • Establish accurate budget,  monitor and maintain it.
  • Constructability.
  • Efficient use of materials.
  • Building lifecycle cost considerations.
4.  Architects solve problems creatively.
  • “Outside the box” solutions.
  • Making your facility the best possible.
  • Sometimes even “make lemonade from lemons”.
3.  Architects CAN make your life easier. 
  • Project Leadership because they “know the process”.
  • We are with you on the journey.
  • Navigate codes and approvals.
  • Establish and monitor the schedule to keep the project on task.
  • Your advocate during construction. 
2.  Architects make your life better.
  • We spend more than 93% of our lives in buildings.
  • Design and aesthetics.
  • Create a sense of place.
  • Beauty in the built environment.
  • Integrating art.
1.  Architects make the world better.
  • Buildings account for nearly 40% of the global energy usage.
  • Integrated energy efficiency.
  • Effective use of materials for ultimate suitability.
  • Proper building insulation.
Our architects provide practical, cost-effective and aesthetically-pleasing design solutions for public and private sector clients. Contact Carter Arndt, AIA for your next project.

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