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Career Fairs Benefit all Students

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Career Fairs Benefit all Students

Career fair season is underway! These events are a great opportunity for both students and employers. Students in each class can benefit from participating.

Here are some tips and reasons why you should attend. Goals change as you progress through college.  

Freshmen and Sophomore Students

Explore More about Your Career

Tip: This will help you determine what options are available to you in your career and might help you decide on the area of emphasis you might be interest in pursuing.

Discover What the Company Looks for in Candidates

Tip: You can use this information to help set your academic goals and select activities that will be most attractive to employers.

 Learn if Companies Offer Internships and When They Typically Hire Interns

Tip: This will allow you to learn when companies typically post and hire their interns so you can be prepared. A lot of employers do not hire freshmen for internships so look for other ways to improve your resume. For example, if you cannot get an internship in the engineering field, work for a construction company. This experience will teach you valuable field skills that will help you stand out from candidates in future years. 

Junior and Senior Students

Take the Opportunity to Sell Yourself

Tip: This is your opportunity to sell yourself to the potential employer. You want to make a good first impression with a firm’s representatives and show that you took the time to research the firm prior to attending the career fair.

Learn their Interview Process

Tip: It can sometimes feel like when you apply for jobs online that your resume is going into a black hole. This is your opportunity to learn more about their hiring process, when you can expect to hear back from them and how you can follow up with them, if necessary.


Tip: You will become better at answering employer questions the more you do it. Use career fairs as practice for interviews to improve your skills.

MSA will be attending a variety of career fairs this spring. We attend career fairs each spring and fall to recruit students for intern, co-op and entry level positions. Check out our booth to learn more about our company and opportunities available to you.


MSA is pleased to announce that for the third year we will be awarding six $1,000 scholarships to students seeking a civil or environmental engineering or related degrees. All applications are due by March 31, 2017. Here is more information on the criteria for the scholarship and the application. 

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