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US DOT Announces INFRA Grant

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US DOT Announces INFRA Grant

Is your community or region of communities planning a large scale transportation project on the National Highway Freight Network (road, rail and/or maritime)? If so, consider applying for the INFRA Grant (formally the FASTLANE Grant).
The Federal Government will begin accepting applications for the INFRA Grant (Nationally Significant Freight and Highway Projects, formerly the FASTLANE Grant) beginning August 1, 2017, for Funding Year 2017 and Funding Year 2018. Applications are due at 8 p.m. EST November 2, 2017.
Eligible Projects
  • Highway freight projects related to the National Highway Freight Network. Not sure if your road is on the National Highway System? Contact the MSA Funding Team.
  • Projects along the National Highway System that increase capacity or are located in a national scenic area.
  • Grade crossing or separation projects.
  • Intermodal/rail freight project.
  • Public or private rail, maritime or intermodal facility.
There are two project sizes.
  1. Large Projects:  Total project costs $50,000,000 or greater—grant amount greater than $30 million.
  2. Small Projects:  Total project costs $8.4 million-$50,000,000— grant amount $5-30 million.

Available Funds

  • Approximately $770 million available for Large Projects.
  • All Small Project funds ($78.8 million) have been awarded.

  • Estimated $770 million for Large Project funding.
  • Estimated $80 million for Small Project funding.
  • Required 25% of funds be awarded to rural communities (population less than 200,000). These funds can go toward Large and/or Small Projects.
In 2016, about $76 million was shared by seven small projects, and $683 million was shared by 11 large projects, one of those being the Wisconsin DOT for work being done of I39/90 near Janesville ($40 million grant). 
Things to Keep in Mind
Competition for these applications focus on four selection criteria (see below). They will also be considering geographic diversity and project readiness.
  • Supporting Economic Vitality.
  • Leveraging of Federal Funding—only up to 60% of total project costs may be funded by this grant, 20% may come from other federal funding and the remaining amount needs to be from state, local or private funding. 
  • Innovation (applicants must select at least one of the areas below that provide benefit to their project).
    • Environmental Review and Permitting
    • Special Experimental Authorities
    • Safety and Technology
  • Performance and Accountability.
Learn more about how this grant opportunity and others can help your project! Contact Nicole Kruschel today.

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