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5 Tips to Improve Your Expansion Project

Andrew Skwor, PE, CPESC | with 0 Comments

5 Tips to Improve Your Expansion Project

Is an expansion project on your farm in your future? Here are five tips to a make your project go more smoothly.

Planning is key – from preliminary planning through permitting, to design and construction. Planning eliminates the stress, allows you to budget and helps you to become familiar with new regulations. Planning is simply being proactive versus reactive, and saves money in the long run. Partner with a firm that can take you through the entire process.
Finding funding or identifying various cost sharing programs upfront is crucial. Non-point source, EQIP Cost Share, Conservation Innovation Grants, conservation programs and community digesters are among the funding are options. Find an expert experienced to work with you to help your project remain cost-effective.
A well-thought-out design will increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs. You have ideas and your engineer will have solutions. Chose an engineer for your next project that takes the guesswork out of the equation—and one who will keep you up to date as the project moves along. You know what you want; the engineer will help you get there.
Project Management
Save time and money by allowing a professional to coordinate your construction. You concentrate on your crops and animals, and a professional engineer will concentrate on getting your project done accurately. Having one single point of contact to keep you updated so your project is on schedule, with minimal construction changes. You can be confident you are getting a better, high-quality project having a professional on-site during construction.
Want to be confident your operation passes all inspections? Permitting on small and large farms allows you to work without the worry of fines from inspections. Let a professional take care of the bureaucratic forms and paperwork to assist in permitting and protecting your farm against liabilities. From AFO/CAFO permitting, NPDES or WPDES, having an expert will ease your mind.
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