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Honoring National Surveyors Week

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Honoring National Surveyors Week

MSA has a long history of providing surveying services to our clients. Our firm was built on providing surveying and engineering services, as far back as we can remember. The landscape around us has evolved in the past 60 years, but MSA’s foundation remains the same, and people are at the core. Whether those people are the clients we serve, or the owners within MSA’s walls, what hasn’t changed is the underlying cultural fabric of our company. In honor of National Surveyors Week, take a look at how this surveying company grew from an office of eight employees to over 325 employee-owners of surveyors, engineers, architects, planners, environmental and funding specialists in 16 multi-state offices.

Communities of Practice
MSA has identified that when our professionals have opportunities to talk to one another, particularly those with specialized experiences, good things happen. This simple thought led MSA to create what we call Communities of Practice (CoP). Professionals with skills and experience in certain fields, such as our surveying team, congregate virtually with other staff with similar interests. This model supports our clients and their varied needs. It allows our surveyors to build relationships internally which in turn brings more ideas, and potentially unique or novel ones, to bear on our clients' issues. 

Career Opportunities
Make an impact at a 100% employee-owned company. For more information about career opportunities, visit MSA's Careers site.

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