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What is Public Works?

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What is Public Works?

It’s the clean water you first brush your teeth with in the morning, the bridge you cross traveling to work, the park bench in the downtown square you enjoy your lunch on, the electricity that powers almost everything you use today… and so much more.
The fact is, North America wouldn’t be what it is without Public Works. Our infrastructure is based on all things that connect us—from the safe roads we drive on to the green spaces we enjoy and water supply that keeps us healthy. Each year, this week in May is dedicated to saluting those that support the quality of life in our villages, towns and cities. Since 1960, the American Public Works Association (APWA) has sponsored this week; this year more than 29,000 members are celebrating the planning, building, managing and operating of their communities.
MSA is honored to work with Public Works professionals across the Midwest and throughout North America to positively impact the lives of others. Without them, we wouldn’t be creating the beautiful parks, trails and boat launches — or building a safe environment with healthy drinking water. Airports and roadways might be chaos. We often take these services of infrastructure for granted. Next time you’re washing your hands or it’s raining and the stormwater finds its way out of your property—or that bridge takes you where you want to go, you will now know it starts with your local Public Works, which connects us all.
This week and all year long, we proudly salute and thank all the Public Works professionals who work tirelessly to strengthen our communities!
Randy Herwig is a client services manager for MSA, and a former Public Works professional. Contact Randy for more information on how MSA can assist your community.

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