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Continuing Service that Positively Impacts Lives

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Continuing Service that Positively Impacts Lives

During Ownership Appreciation Week, we recognize all employees (owners) for the contributions they make to MSA, and to reinforce our Purpose. MSA’s Purpose is to “enable people to positively impact the lives of others.” We live our purpose through our employees, families and friends, clients and communities.
MSA operates as a closely-held corporation, and our employees own 100% of the stock through the Employee Stock Ownership and Savings Plan (ESOP). During Ownership Appreciation Week, we spotlight each owner and offer our thanks and appreciation for their time with us. This year we will celebrate 12 work anniversaries for individuals who have worked at our firm for 20-35 years!
MSA’s average tenure with the organization is 12 years. This compares to the industry average tenure of 5.5 years, reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. At MSA, we see individuals who stay with the firm for 35, 40 and even 45 years. We are proud to say this long-term tenure occurs annually.
If you are looking for a great place to work, contact us to learn more. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our favorable company culture. Who knows, maybe one day you will receive a 35-year service award!
This year, MSA is recognizing four employees for their five-year anniversary: Jeff Anderson, Greg Crowe, Sally Glenn and Jared Fluhr. Amazingly, there are 13 employees being recognized for their 10-year anniversary: Andrew Bremer, Ben Buchda, Jason Dolens, Raine Gardner, Mark Gonzalez, Jeremy Haas, Lucas Jones, Mary Knepple, Adam Leonhard, Brad Reents, Curt Schley, Eric Seashore and Brad Tisdale. Ten employees will celebrate 15 years: Mike Albitz, Jim Bollmann, Stacy Griswold, Trisha Pieper, Andy Skwor, Steve Thompson, Ben Timmerman, Todd Trader, Bill Walsh and Dave Wierzba. 
Shelly Basten, Tom Fitzwilliams and Mary Wagner have all worked at MSA for 20 years, followed by Jayne Englebert, Quirin Klink, Dick Lyster, Scott Martin, Tim Petersen and Kelly Zimmer who have 25 years committed to MSA.
Al Szymanski in our Baraboo office is celebrating his 30th anniversary. Topping the work anniversary list are Lee Emmer in our Rhinelander office, and Warren Mohar in Baraboo, who have both been a part of MSA for 35 years!
Thank you to all our owners who are being recognized this year for their service to our clients and communities, collaboration with your peers and engagement to positively impact the lives of others. 

Are you interested in becoming an owner of MSA? Check out our Careers page for opportunities to join our team of professionals.

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