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Celebrating Employee Ownership Month

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Celebrating Employee Ownership Month

From your local high school to professional sports teams, it is hard not to get caught up in a variety of athletic events during this time of year. Sports teams provide a number of different examples to which organizations can look to many similarities that offer a picture of success. Teams offer a variety of examples of leadership, development, collaboration and focus on success that run parallel to the themes we see in employee-owned firms.
Each team sets out to achieve their set of goals for the season. Team members work diligently to improve agility, strength, and knowledge for the purpose of bettering the team and reaching their goals. With the season progressing, there are often a few obstacles or challenges that cause leadership to make corrections or improvements within the team, all while providing ongoing encouragement to the group as a whole.
Furthermore, each person on the team plays a key role into the success that is seen on the field. This  can be from the front office to medical staff to the players themselves and everyone in between. Without the alignment and understanding of the vision, team success can be impacted. At the conclusion of the season, teams will look back and reflect on the highs and lows, offering a time of recognition of being part of the group.
As Employee Ownership Month comes to a close, it is an opportunity to draw MSA’s employee ownership culture to our favorite teams. To experience the teamwork that occurs in the NFL, MSA provided a few of our employee-owners with a trip to see the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, and Minnesota Vikings. Great leadership on all levels of the team allows sustainable success. No one person is responsible for the overall success and no one person is responsible for the failures. We are all in this together to create the great picture of success.

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