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Remediation and Site Restoration

Our staff has completed investigations of chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents, agro-chemicals (insecticides, herbicides, fertilizer) and petroleum product spills across the country. MSA’s environmental technicians, geologists, scientists, hydrogeologists, and engineers have experience sampling all types of media (i.e., groundwater, soil, sediments, waste, building products, and air, to name a few). Our investigation experience ranges from simple sites where we may collect one or two soil samples to installing complex networks of soil, groundwater, or vapor sample points.  
A project typically proceeds according to the following process:
  • Prepare a work plan for review and approval by the site owner and regulatory agency
  • Complete the field investigation to determine the extent and degree of contamination
  • Write a report that documents the investigation results
We work with our clients to develop a strategy for site restoration or cleanup:
  • Evaluate technologies based on costs and the ability of the technology to meet the cleanup objectives
  • Conduct feasibility studies to evaluate remedial options and provide recommendations and cost estimates to our clients
  • Prepare the design plan for the corrective action to construct or complete the remedial action for the affected media (i.e., soil, water, sediment)
  • Complete, build, and operate the chosen corrective action
MSA’s remediation and site restoration experience includes:
  • Soil vapor extraction systems
  • Groundwater air sparge, pump-and-treat, carbon treatment, and dual-phase extraction systems
  • Injection and bioaugmentation of soil and groundwater media
  • Groundwater cutoff walls and permeable reactive barriers
  • Soil composting and biopile construction and maintenance
  • Active and passive free product recovery
  • Solid waste excavation and relocation
  • Lead (soil) stabilization
  • Landspreading 

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