USH 12 Middleton Bypass | Middleton, WI

Branding and Marketing

Many communities make changes intended to increase tourism or attract businesses to the area. But it takes more than just making improvements—you have to let everyone know why they should make the trip.
MSA’s community branding and marketing services help you create an identity for your community, and then help you promote that identity. It could be as simple as a logo and a theme line, or a full campaign to make people aware of you. We can also help you promote a program within your community, whether it’s a one-time event or an ongoing effort.
Once you’ve done the hard work of reinventing your community, let us help you tell the world about it.
Services include:
  • Marketing | Promotional | Logo Design
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Concept Planning
  • Design Guidelines | Standards
  • Streetscape Planning & Design
  • Comprehensive Plan
  • Strategic & Capital Improvements Planning

Branding and Marketing Gallery

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