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Downtown Revitalization & Economic Development

Successful economic development requires an understanding of the global economy, but it really depends upon the strength of local relationships and resources. We help our clients find their “value proposition” and compete favorably in a changing economy. From community branding and strategic planning to Tax Incremental Financing and grant acquisition, MSA helps plan, promote, and fund your growth. We will empower you to grow your own success.
Downtown, be it Main Street, a public square, or an entire district, is the heart of the community. Downtown is where the “postcard picture” of your hometown is usually found, and you want it to be a thriving, vibrant, attractive place. But thriving downtown districts don’t just happen on their own, not anymore. As highways and big box stores have drawn sales and development to the edges of the community, downtowns are challenged to compete. It is possible to compete and thrive, but it takes creativity and perseverance. We’ve not only seen this happen, we’ve helped make it happen.

At MSA, we work alongside our communities to survey available resources, locate proper funding, and develop revitalization strategies that restore downtowns as prominent centerpieces. It has been said that as the downtown goes, so goes the rest of the community. At MSA, we are proud of the communities we live in and, like you, we want them to live on for generations to come.

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