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Housing and Neighborhood Planning

Housing Plans:
Housing is a complex component of every community. MSA helps you look at the many pieces so you can identify gaps in your housing market and find ways to better meet residents’ needs. Some of the ways we work with communities include:
  • Assisting builders and developers with residential developments
  • Working closely with clients to determine the development potential of a property continuing through all phases of land planning, surveying, and creation of a master plan
  • Helping communities seek grants
  • Providing grant administration services
  • Helping implement master plans
  • Providing construction management 
Community housing programs add value to entire neighborhoods, providing both financial benefits and a greater source of pride for the homeowners. It’s important to administer the programs correctly so your community can take full advantage of the funding. That’s where we can help you save time and make sure all the details are being taken care of. The housing grant administration services we offer include training on program regulations, community outreach, project bidding, application management, contractor selection, and inspections.

Neighboorhood Planning:
What makes a good neighborhood “good”? It depends on who you ask. For many it is nice homes and safe streets. For some it includes restaurants and retail within walking distance. For most it includes good parks and a diverse mix of friendly people. At MSA we help design new neighborhoods and we help improve existing neighborhoods. We seek the wants and needs of stakeholders, and we help make places where people want to live. We can help you fine-tune the density, mix of uses, mix of residential types, street design, and many other aspects to create memorable, sustainable places.

  • Housing Plans
  • Neighborhood Planning
  • Design Guidelines | Standards
  • Zoning Code Creation
  • Planner of Record | Zoning Administration

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