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Land Use Regulations and Administration

Disraeli was right: “Change is inevitable.” In response to that reality, MSA has developed a process to create and update zoning and subdivision ordinances using both conventional and form-based techniques, including sustainable design guidelines.

Our form-based zoning services offer a more contemporary approach by focusing on how a building should be designed, rather than where different uses need to go. Function does follow form. It’s a simple concept, but one that can make a big difference.
We develop design standards to help areas of communities that need special attention, like commercial corridors or downtowns. These standards provide additional details not covered by traditional zoning ordinances.
Our focus goes beyond commercial businesses; we help with traditional neighborhood design, conservation subdivision design, and low-impact design, which can be incorporated into subdivision ordinances to encourage development with a lighter touch.
We can also administer ordinances and respond to week-to-week requests from property owners, helping you enforce your ordinances in a fair, consistent, and efficient manner.

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