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South Holmen Drive

Client: Village of Holmen
Location: Holmen, WI

Holmen, the fastest growing community in the La Crosse Metropolitan Region, needed a strategy and vision for South Holmen Drive

Holmen, the fastest growing community in the La Crosse Metropolitan Region, needed a strategy and vision for South Holmen Drive

The Village of Holmen and the Town of Onalaska identified, through their respective comprehensive land use plans, the need to coordinate a strategy and vision for the development and redevelopment of the area around South Holmen Drive (Business 35) from McHugh Road to CTH OT. This stretch of highway is part of the Great River Road, a designated National Scenic Byway which follows the Mississippi River through 10 states.

The land use and character along South Holmen Drive are in a period of transition. It’s expected that more land along the corridor will transition to urban uses, particularly in those areas adjacent to the US 53 interchange. There are also opportunities to reinvigorate existing improved parcels and public infrastructure. With these opportunities come certain challenges, like managing growth and development along the corridor to meet the expectations of the community and sound planning principles. Adding to this challenge is the fact that land within this corridor meanders between the Village of Holmen and the Town of Onalaska, necessitating coordination of unified land use policies between these communities.

Understanding the importance of intergovernmental cooperation to the success of the project, MSA advocated for the creation of an Ad Hoc Committee made up of representatives from both the Village of Holmen and Town of Onalaska. Over the course of six months, planners from MSA worked with the Ad Hoc Committee to develop preliminary recommendations for land use, transportation, utility, site and architectural design standards. Recommendations for the appropriate mix of land uses were based on a market analysis completed by MSA. The preliminary recommendations were presented at a public informational meeting to obtain feedback from property owners in the corridor prior to developing the final plan for adoption by both communities.

The recommendations within the plan are designed to achieve the following objectives:
1. Heighten awareness and brand this stretch of roadway as a component of the Great River Road.
2. Provide a vision for future land uses and supporting transportation and utility infrastructure, compatible with community expectations and sound planning principles.
3. Enhance the overall aesthetics of the corridor, including private building design, private landscaping and site design, signage and public streetscaping.
4. Establish a pedestrian and bicycle network that connects the neighborhoods along the roadway to the Village’s Downtown District and the Great River State Trail.
5. Foster new private investment of under-utilized land to improve the local economy and tax base.

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