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Water System Improvements

Client: Village of Cottage Grove
Location: Cottage Grove, WI

Combination Wellhouse #4, Booster Pump and PRV Station

Combination Wellhouse #4, Booster Pump and PRV Station

The Village of Cottage Grove required improvements to the municipal water system improvements to increase the volume of water available for fire protection, improve and expand water service in the higher elevations of the Village, and improve the reliability of the water system in the event a storage reservoir was out of service.
In order to address these concerns, the Village began a project to divide the water system into two separate pressure zones, and complete the following:
  • New 400,000-gallon elevated storage reservoir
  • Modifications to well pump and discharge piping at Wellhouse No.4
  • Addition of a combination control valve at Welllhouse No. 4
  • Addition of booster pumps at Wellhouse No. 4
  • Demolition of an existing 40,000-gallon reservoir
Wellhouse No. 4 is located at the boundary between two pressure zones. The net result of the Water System Improvements was that Wellhouse No. 4 was converted from providing the single function of pumping water to the distribution system, to a multi- function application which includes 1) pumping water from the well to either pressure zone, 2) supplying water from the upper zone to the lower zone through the combination control valve, and 3) supplying water from the lower zone to the upper zone through the booster pumps
The Village financed this project through Safe Drinking Water Loan Program funding, which included principal forgiveness (grant) and a low interest loan.

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